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At United, theological education is about much more than just theology—it’s about connecting faith, ethics, and spirituality to the practical work of leading healthy, innovative communities in ways that transform the world. That’s why you’ll learn in collaboration with experts from a wide variety of different backgrounds and disciplines, from history and philosophy to theology and pastoral care.

Thanks to this diverse and respected faculty, your educational experience at United will challenge you, inspire you, and leave you fully equipped to do the work you’ve been called to do. But it’s not just about what you learn in the classroom—it’s about developing lasting relationships you can count on long after you’ve left United.

Below, you’ll find the teachers and mentors who will forever influence your vocational journey. To view a list of United’s beloved emeriti/ae faculty, scroll past the grid.

Emeriti/ae Faculty

While the following faculty members no longer serve in any official capacity, we will forever honor their names, contributions, and legacies at United.

Our Emeriti/ae Faculty

Helen A. Archibald
Associate Professor Emerita of Educational Ministry, 1987–1991

Lance R. Barker
Professor Emeritus of Church and Economic Life, 1970–2001

Mary Farrell Bednarowski
Professor Emerita of Religious Studies, 1976–2004

Robert H. Bryant
Professor Emeritus of Constructive Theology, 1961–1991

Paul E. Capetz
Professor Emeritus of Historical Theology, 1992–2019

Susan K. Ebbers
Professor Emerita of Theological Bibliography, 1995–2016

Eleazar S. Fernandez
Professor Emeritus of Constructive Theology, 1993–2021

Holt H. Graham
New Testament, Director of Library Services Emeritus, 1989

Louis H. Gunnemann
Dean and Ministry Studies Emeritus, 1976

Henry A. Gustafson
Professor Emeritus of the New Testament, 1968–1989

Theophilus F. H. Hilgeman
Church History Emeritus, 1965

Ruben H. Huenemann
President Emeritus, 1990

Eugene C. Jaberg
Professor Emeritus of Communication, 1958–1991

Barbara Anne Keely
Professor Emerita of Leadership and Economic Life of the Church, 1991–2015

B. Edmon Martin
Professor Emeritus of Contextual and Historical Studies, 1981–2001

Allan R. McAllaster
Professor Emeritus of Biblical Interpretation, 1960–1988

Arthur L. Merrill
Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, 1958–1995

James B. Nelson
Professor Emeritus of Christian Ethics, 1963–1995

Christie Cozad Neuger (’80)
Professor Emerita of Pastoral Counseling and Pastoral Theology, 1992–2005

Carolyn Pressler
Professor Emerita of Biblical Interpretation, 1990–2020

Marilyn Salmon
Professor Emerita of New Testament Theology, 1989–2014

Christine Smith
Professor Emerita of Preaching, 1991–2013

Clyde J. Steckel
Professor Emeritus of Theology, 1970–1995

W. Robert Strobel
Professor Emeritus of Christian Education, 1962–1987

Jann Cather Weaver
Associate Professor Emerita of Worship, and Theology and the Arts, 2001–2012

Donald R. White
Professor Emeritus of Constructive Theology, 1965–2002

Wilson Yates
President Emeritus & Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Religion, Society and the Arts, 1967–2005


† Deceased

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