Reduced-Credit Dual Master’s Degree


United’s dual master’s degree option allows you to complete two degrees at United concurrently and apply required course credits from one degree towards the fulfillment of up to two-thirds of the required course credits of a second degree. The dual degree is a great option if you have an academic interest beyond your first degree, you want further preparation for your future vocation, or you need to fulfill certification or ordination requirements. A useful application of this option would be to combine an ordination-track MDiv (UCC, UU, UMC, etc.) and an MA, MAL, or additional MDiv in a focused area of study such as Interreligious Chaplaincy, Social Transformation, or Eco-Justice.


How it Works

To earn both degrees, you must complete all required courses for the first degree, as well as all of the required courses for the second degree that do not overlap with the first degree, totaling at least 12 additional credits for the MA, 16 for the MAL, and 24 for the MDiv.


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