United Theological Seminary

Our Faculty

United’s rigorous, dedicated, and talented faculty shape our academic programs and provide students with cutting-edge courses. But it’s not just about what you learn in the classroom. You’ll find the teachers and mentors who will forever influence your journey and develop lasting relationships you can count on, long after you’ve left United. Whatever you hope you gain, from answers to perplexing questions to meaningful conversations, you’ll be challenged, inspired, and educated by some of the best in the field.

Diverse Perspectives and Disciplines

At United, theological education is about much more than theology: it’s about connecting faith, ethics, and spiritual practice to the practical work of leading healthy, innovative communities in ways that transform the world. That’s why you’ll learn at the feet of experts from a variety of different backgrounds and disciplines. From history to philosophy to theology to pastoral care to practical training in organizing and leadership, your educational experience at United will leave you equipped to do the work you’re called to do.