MA Degree Learning Outcomes

A graduate of United’s Master of Arts degree program will be able to:

  • interpret a selected passage from a selected religious text from multiple historical and contemporary perspectives and using one or more critical methods, demonstrating understanding of the influence of their own situatedness on that interpretation;
  • critically interpret, analyze and reflect on a selected theological text or perspective in its historical context as well as through the lens of modern questions and challenges;
  • apply to their vocational context or academic study an appropriate critical analysis of and reflection on a selected moral dilemma from a variety of Christian OR interreligious ethical perspectives;
  • critically analyze and reflect on the religious history and theological perspectives of a selected population historically marginalized by the dominant voices of their religious traditions;
  • demonstrate a competent understanding of a selected topic within their chosen degree concentration through the effective critical interpretation, analysis and synthesis of appropriate sources; and
  • demonstrate effective academic theological research and writing skills.