United Theological Seminary

Master of Arts

prepare for an academic career and more

Are you interested in religion and theology primarily from an academic perspective? Want to pursue a Ph.D. and/or a teaching role in a religious or academic institution? Explore what United’s Master of Arts degree has to offer you.

How many credits is this program, and how long will it take?

This 36-credit program can be completed in two years if you maintain a full-time course load (24 credits per year) and complete your thesis in approximately one trimester.

Tell me more about the thesis.

Usually, MA students complete eleven courses at 3 credits each, followed by a 3-credit thesis. Alternatively, you may choose to complete ten courses followed by a longer 6-credit thesis.

Once completed, your thesis is read and evaluated by a thesis committee comprised of your thesis advisor and other qualified evaluators (usually other professors). You then will be required to “defend” the thesis in an oral examination with your committee.

can i complete the ma via distance learning?

All MA concentrations can be completed via distance learning.

What can I expect from an MA degree?

The Master of Arts Degree Learning Outcomes detail the skills students develop over the course of the MA degree program.

What Master of art programs are available?

United’s Master of Arts in Religion degree offers the following concentration options:

The “Directed Study” concentration is open-ended, allowing you to design your own experience in conversation with your advisor.

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