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Increase your capacity to minister in our globalized and multifaith world. The Doctor of Ministry offers specialized, focused training designed to enhance the ministry of people who have substantial experience in a ministerial leadership role.

How many credits is this program, and how long will it take?

This 36-credit degree program can be reasonably completed in four years if you maintain a full-time course load (12 credits per year) and complete your dissertation in a little over a year.

You will complete eight courses at 4 credits each, followed by a 4-credit dissertation.

The DMin dissertation, once completed, is read and evaluated by a dissertation committee comprised of your dissertation advisor and other qualified evaluators (usually other professors). You then will be required to “defend” the dissertation in an oral examination with your committee.

Can I complete the DMin via distance learning?

Yes. United’s DMin degree offers you flexibility in choosing the delivery format you prefer or need for each course—either in person or at a distance.

Nearly every DMin course includes weekly class meetings that can be attended in person at United’s campus or online via Zoom. The Research Tools and Proposal course required for all DMin concentrations is the only course offered only as an online course with no class meetings.

Nearly all DMin courses also have the option to complete course requirements with no required class meetings. This asynchronous option is designed for students for whom daily work commitments require maximum flexibility. The core degree course DMin Practicum and the core courses for the Spiritual Direction concentration, however, require attendance at weekly class meetings either in person or via Zoom.

What can I expect from a DMin degree?

The DMin degree learning outcomes detail the skills students develop over the course of the DMin degree program.

What doctor of ministry programs are available?

United’s DMin degree offers the following concentration options:

The “Directed Study” concentration is open-ended, allowing you to design your own experience in conversation with your advisor and the Director of Advanced Studies.

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