United Theological Seminary

Statement of Educational Effectiveness

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities is committed to providing an outstanding educational experience for all of its students. We measure and assess our educational effectiveness in a number of ways.

Graduation Rate

We calculate graduation rates using the Association of Theological Schools’ standard of graduation within 150% of the full-time program completion time frame. Across our degree programs for the most recent reporting period nearly two-thirds of all incoming students completed their degrees within that time frame.

Master of Divinity (6 years)– 72% (8 of 11)
Master of Arts in Leadership (4 years) – 33% (1 of 3)
Master of Arts (4 years) – 62.5% (10 of 16)
Doctor of Ministry (6 years) – 33% (3 of 9)

First Year Retention

Our overall one-year retention rate is 82%. By degree program, the percentage of students who started their degree program in the fall of 2016 and were still engaged in the fall of 2017 were as follows.

Master of Divinity – 66%
Master of Arts in Leadership (formerly MARL) – 50%
Master of Arts – 100%
Doctor of Ministry – 42%

Placement Results

Based on the self-reporting of graduates, more than 80% of our students are either working in the field they trained for, or are pursuing additional education.

Class of 2015 Class of 2016 Class of 2017 (n=20)
Currently in a position for which my degree program prepared me. 84% 70% 90%
Degree acquired for personal enrichment rather than vocational reasons. 8% 0% 0%
Pursuing additional education. 0% 20% 5%
Actively seeking placement. 8% 10% 0%
Placement or position other than the above. 0% 0% 5%