Campus Safety

As an institution of higher learning, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities (United) is required under the Higher Education Act as amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act to publish statistics related to crimes and fires and weapons, drug and alcohol violations. In addition, United is required to publish its Emergency Response and Evacuation Policies and Procedures.

A photo of the United campus entryway.

Campus Crimes

For calendar year 2023, the following crimes have been reported:

  • Criminal offenses on campus, in student housing* or on public property: zero
  • Hate crimes on campus, in student housing* or on public property: zero
  • Weapons, alcohol and drug violations: zero
  • Arrests on campus, in student housing* or on public property: zero
  • Disciplinary actions: zero

* As of July 2022, United does not provide student housing.

Any alleged crime will be reported without delay to local law enforcement by the President of the Seminary or their designee. Due to its small size, the seminary does not maintain its own campus security department. The seminary currently does not have written Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with local and state agencies for the investigation of alleged criminal offenses. It is the policy of the seminary to cooperate with local law authorities.

The Emergency Response and Evacuation Policies and Procedures are published in the Seminary-Wide Policies.


For calendar year 2023, no fires have been reported. Any incidence of fire should be immediately reported to the Director of Human Resources and Operations.

Fire safety education for students, faculty and staff is conducted annually during the fall term in conjunction with a fire drill. The most recent fire drill was conducted October 25, 2018.