United Theological Seminary

Costs & Financial Aid

TUITION and Fee COSTS (2023–2024)

Tuition is $725 per credit hour. Annually, tuition is $8,700 for a half-time master’s course load of 12 credits per year or $17,400 for a full-time master’s course load of 24 credits per year. Tuition is $8,700 for a full-time DMin course load of 12 credits per year. The fee for auditing a course is $276. Degree costs also include the background check fee ($50) required for all students who apply for enrollment in a program; the continuation fee ($300) charged each academic term after the initial enrollment in the MA Thesis, DMin Dissertation, or MAL Final Project course until the completion and approval of the paper; and the graduation fee (master’s $125, DMin $200).

Tuition and Fees 2023–2024 (3/2023)

Approximate Total Tuition and Fees cost by degree (based on current tuition and Fees)

MA = $26,275
MAL = $34,975
MDiv = $52,375
DMin = $27,250

Financial Aid

Getting your education funded doesn’t have to be stressful. United’s financial aid office is here to help you navigate your options and put together a financial package that works for you–while minimizing debt. The financial aid office can help you secure four types of funding:

  • Federal loans: applications accepted year-round
  • Need-based aid: based on your Estimated Family Contribution from the FAFSA
  • Merit-based aid (Dayton Scholarship): based on student information, a personal essay, and documentary evidence; application deadline is May 1
  • Scholarships: see here for a list of scholarships and application details.

To apply for federal loans, need-based aid, and most scholarships, you must complete a FAFSA. United’s school code is G02386. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us (financialaid@unitedseminary.edu) to set up a meeting with our friendly financial aid officer.