United Theological Seminary

Costs & Financial Aid

TUITION and Fee COSTS (2022–2023)

Tuition is $698 per credit hour. Annually, tuition is $8,376 for a half-time master’s course load of 12 credits per year or $16,752 for a full-time master’s course load of 24 credits per year. Tuition is $8,376 for a full-time DMin course load of 12 credits per year. The fee for auditing a course is $275. Degree costs also include the background check fee ($50) required for all students who apply for enrollment in a program, the continuation fee ($300) charged each academic term after the initial enrollment in the MA Thesis, DMin Dissertation, or MAL Final Project course until the completion and approval of the paper, and the graduation fee (master’s $125, DMin $200).

Tuition and Fees 2022-2023 (11/2022)

Approximate Total Tuition and Fees cost by degree (based on current tuition and Fees)

MA = $25,303
MAL = $33,679
MDiv = $50,431
DMin = $25,978

Financial Aid

Getting your education funded doesn’t have to be stressful. United’s financial aid office is here to help you navigate your options and put together a financial package that works for you–while minimizing debt. The financial aid office can help you secure four types of funding:

  • Federal loans: applications accepted year-round
  • Need-based aid: based on your Estimated Family Contribution from the FAFSA
  • Merit-based aid (Dayton Scholarship): based on student information, a personal essay, and documentary evidence; application deadline is May 1
  • Scholarships: see here for a list of scholarships and application details.

To apply for federal loans, need-based aid, and most scholarships, you must complete a FAFSA. United’s school code is G02386. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us (financialaid@unitedseminary.edu) to set up a meeting with our friendly financial aid officer.