United Theological Seminary

Mission, Vision, and Values



United Theological Seminary prepares innovative and compassionate leaders for the equipping of churches, other faith communities, and society toward justice and peace.


United will be recognized as a progressive Christian seminary that engages its multifaith world respectfully to create a beloved community both within the seminary and beyond.


United values:


  • Building upon its heritage as a seminary of the United Church of Christ
  • Ecumenical engagement as an expression of the unity of the church
  • Interreligious engagement that embraces religious diversity
  • Intercultural engagement that appreciates a multiplicity of lived experiences

Commitment to Intersectional Justice

  • Racial justice that dismantles every aspect of white supremacy
  • Sexual and gender justice that affirms and values every person
  • Eco-justice that cares deeply for all living beings and our planet
  • Economic justice that builds sustainability and wholeness for all

Creativity and Curiosity

  • Rigorous academic studies as an expression of the human spirit
  • Formative practices that shape spiritual, ecclesial, and community leaders
  • Integration of arts and theology that awakens imagination and intellect
  • Public witness for the common good