United Theological Seminary

Tamara Gray

Adjunct Professor

Dr. Tamara Gray is an Islamic scholar and educator.  She has authored two books: Joy Jots: Exercises for a Happy Heart & Project Lina: Bringing Our Whole Selves to Islam and co-translated the Mukhtasir al-Jami’ fi al-Sīra al-Nabawiyya by Samīra Zayid [Compendium of the Collection of Sources on al-Sīra al-Nabawiyya] as well as numerous articles. 

She serves as Executive director and faculty for Rabata Inc, faculty and academic council member for The Islamic Seminary of America, and is a Senior Fellow at the Yaqeen Institute.  She also sits on the Fiqh council of North America – working on religious legal questions, the NoUsury board – giving small no-interest loans to those who are in need, and the Collegeville Institute’s Inter-religious Fellows Program – working to develop educational programming for faith leaders around social justice issues.