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When you come to United, you join a community that is intentionally open, socially aware, and theologically adventurous. Our passion is equipping leaders to make real, lasting change in the world—whether your vocation is in faith leadership, nonprofit leadership, academia, the arts, activism, or social entrepreneurship.

Founded as a welcoming, ecumenical school that embraces all denominations and faith traditions, United has been on the cutting edge of progressive theological thought leadership since it was established in 1962. Today, United continues to train leaders who dismantle systems of oppression, explore multifaith spirituality, and push the boundaries of knowledge.

United offers four graduate degrees: the Master of DivinityMaster of ArtsMaster of Arts in Leadership, and Doctor of Ministry. Each degree offers different options for concentrating your study in a particular subject area, depending on your goals.

United is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools and the Higher Learning Commission. Learn more about accreditation and our statement of educational effectiveness.

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An Open and Affirming Community

With our roots in the United Church of Christ and our practice of embracing the full diversity of faith expressions and understandings, United is a generous and welcoming seminary where all—trailblazers and traditionalists, questioners and yearning spirits, people of every faith background, race, age, ability, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and expression, marital status and family structure, economic and social status—come to explore the boundless possibilities and create a loving and beloved community.

Educational Effectiveness

See our Statement of Educational Effectiveness and reporting on student outcomes by degree program.


Board of Trustees

Meet United's Board of Trustees—those who help guide the direction of United.


Mission, Vision, and Values

Discover the mission, vision, and values that define our work at United.