United Theological Seminary

Student Stories


jack gaede, m.div. student

“This past semester, I took an amazing class on Radical Theologies and the Challenge of Atheism with our new post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Demian Wheeler. In this class, I learned to better understand the depth and width and diversity within non-theistic traditions. As a UU minister looking to work in diverse, religiously plural settings (potentially as a college chaplain), it is absolutely essential that I learn to speak with students who identify with both theist and humanist leanings.”


Theology and the Arts concentration

The Rev. Craig Lemming is a Transitional Deacon in formation for Priesthood in The Episcopal Church. Craig is thrilled to serve as Program Director for Circle of the Beloved – the Minnesota chapter of the Episcopal Service Corps – working with justice-seeking young adults living intentionally together in prayer, simplicity, and in kinship with the marginalized in North Minneapolis.


Corii Varner, M.Div. student
Social Justice and Reconciliation concentration

“When you come to United, you’re able to be yourself and don’t have to worry about if you’re a leader, or a pastor, or a deacon, a reverend, being called that, but you can actually be yourself.” 

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