United Theological Seminary

Transform Yourself, Transform the World

If you’re considering seminary, it’s because you have a passion for helping others and making a real difference in the world. One of the most important ways to ensure you can do this work sustainably is by caring for your own soul in the process. How do you avoid burn-out? What practices will keep you grounded in your purpose and mission, even in the face of adversity? How do you dig deep into your spirituality and faith to stay energized for the work you’re called to do? At United, we believe that shaping leaders for social transformation isn’t just about academic learning, but intentional care for the whole self. Here, you’ll learn to do the deep internal work necessary to stay healthy for the long-term.

Resources for Formation

Your experience at United will connect you to vital resources as you deepen your formation. You’ll take courses on spiritual formation and self-awareness, learn from mentors who will help you along your path, and participate in regular community worship from a variety of faith perspectives. You also have a spiritual formation staff ready and equipped to walk with you through whatever life throws at you, including our seminary chaplain, Director of Contextual Education, and Director of Spiritual Formation.

Community Chapel

Our community meets regularly for chapel services. See our schedule.

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United Life

Explore more about what life at United is really like.

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Video Training

Explore how spiritual formation will help you become a more effective leader in this FREE video training.

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