United Theological Seminary

Pastor, St. James UCC, Barnesville, MN

Full Time Pastor Position (Open to negotiating with ¾ or ½ time, details under compensation)

St. James’ UCC Barnesville, MN (https://www.stjamesuccmn.org/)

Members of the St James UCC Barnesville recognize that we are not alone on our journeys. Our church, like others, faces many societal challenges for time, attention, and purpose. The pandemic brought on many challenges to churches. St James UCC Barnesville not only survived, but we are thriving. In 2022 we are experiencing growth at all levels…new members, higher attendance levels each month, an increase in contributions, more involvement by members and increased activities. Our growth is occurring on such a basis that this page is being updated to better reflect what is occurring after our profile was drafted and submitted. We are hopeful that we have your attention and if we do, please check out our local church profile so we can share more details and possibly have an opportunity to meet you. Church members respond to and learn from a pastor they like and trust…. this takes time and effort by both parties. We are seeking someone who we can feel ‘connected’ with. We are seeking a leader whose strength extends beyond delivering a Sunday message. Our church’s purpose and mission can be summarized in three words: Faith, Worship and Community. At St. James Church of Christ – “All are Welcome” is an opening song that is sung, spoken, and lived by our members. This is our identity. We bring a wide cross section of people sharing our similarities and differences to form one body – the body of Christ, in whose name we gather and live.

For more information on this opportunity, view St. James’ church profile here

Compensation level:

Full-time: A salary and benefit package that would total $80,000 per year. We have not broken this number into categories as this can be adjusted to meet personal needs…ie….a pastor may want a significant portion of the compensation package to be in the form of retirement pension…for example. We recognize this is a change from our past but realize that we must make a number of adjustments to accommodate this. Our board of trustees is prepared to make the necessary changes to ensure that this is possible.

Three Quarter time: Our church would strongly consider someone who requested a three-quarter time position…the details could be discussed. In this instance, our church would consider a salary and benefit package of $60,000.

Half-Time: This is not considered to be preferential as we are hoping to generate continued growth in upcoming years, however, if this became an option, we would strongly consider. Our salary and benefit package for this position would be $45,000.

Our church recognizes that pastors have requests that extend beyond the salary and benefits offered that include but are not limited to…time off for study, a benefit tied to a pastor’s longevity both as a pastor and as a servant to our church.