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United Days 2018
Thursday, March 1 and Friday, March 2, 2018
Re-Imagining: Embodiment
“Looking Back” – “Looking Forward”

Join us for this two-day gathering for United alums and friends celebrating the 25-year anniversary of Re-Imagining and James B. Nelson’s seminal work, Embodimentpublished 40 years ago.

United Days will highlight this radical, feminist, ecumenical, theological Re-Imagining movement from 1993, discuss the impact of “Embodiment then and now, and examine today’s challenging issues of racism, gender/sexuality, and body size.

PROGRAM & EVENTS – Thursday, March 1

8:30 – 9:30 AM: Check-in & Hospitality

9:30 AM: Opening Worship, Bigelow Chapel

DAY 1 will focus on “Re-Imagining – Looking Back,” reflecting on the impact of these ‘radical’ new ways of thinking then and now.


Sherry Jordon, Associate Professor of Theology, University of St. Thomas, will tell the story of Re-Imagining through the voices of the many women and men involved and inspired by this radical feminist ecumenical theological movement.  Panelists on this topic include United alums.

President’s Lunch in the Context Café

Please join United alums, friends and faculty for the President’s Lunch hosted by President Lew Zeidner.

Emeritus Professor Wilson Yates, Sara Wilhelm Garbers, Instructor of Formation at United, and United alum Anita Hill ’87, ‘00, will discuss the groundbreaking impact of James Nelson and Embodiment.

Brief Annual Alum Association meeting and open time: arts in the Intersection, nature walk at Silverwood Regional Park, and other interesting activities.

5:30 PM: Evening Reception

6:00 PM: Alum Dinner

Alums, friends, and faculty are invited to join President Lew Zeidner for the Alum Dinner hosted by the Alum Council. Relax and enjoy memorable conversations, delicious food, recognition of honored guests, Kathi Austin Mahle ’78 and Mary Kay Sauter ’95, the 1993 Re-Imagining Steering Committee co-chairs, the 2018 Distinguished Alum recipient, and new members of the Bossard-Ward Society.

Friday, March 2

8:30 – 9:00 AM: Hospitality

DAY 2 will focus on “Re-Imagining Embodiment – Looking Forward,” examining today’s challenging issues of racism, gender/sexuality, and body size.


Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, visiting scholar, Vanderbilt University Divinity School, will address expand the conversation on racism and gender/sexuality out of their work as a non-binary, Trans mixed race Latinx and queer, post-colonial scholar.  Panelists on this topic will include local activists working at the intersection of race and justice.

Carolyn PresslerHarry C. Piper Jr. Professor of Biblical Interpretation’s presentation will offer a biblical interpretation of sexuality, “The Hebrew Bible and Embodiment: Promises and Pitfalls.” Panelists on this topic include Beth Donaldson, lead minister, New Brighton UCC and GLBTQ activists, Emmy Kegler and Austen Hartke.

Lunch in the Context Café

Lee Wolfe Blum, mental health professional in eating disorders and chemical dependency at the Melrose Center, will discuss embodiment and body size along with a conversation with United alum and Chaplain, Janet Stark ’04, and others.

3:00 PM: Closing Worship