United Theological Seminary

Jacqueline “Jaki” Cottingham-Zierdt



Adjunct faculty

Jacqueline “Jaki” Cottingham-Zierdt is best known for the many years she served the University of Minnesota, working to improve academic and work environments and the university’s commitment to diversity. Her work included acting as an equal opportunity consultant in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, and creating Film Fridays, a film and discussion group focusing on specific discrimination issues, and Flaming Rainbow, a traditional American Indian woman’s group striving to improve family finances and provide a culturally appropriate structure for discussing challenging life circumstances. She served on/with the University Senate, Senate Consultative Committee, Strategic Positioning Task Force on Collegiate Design, University Women of Color, and Aurora Center for Education and Advocacy. Jaki continues to devote much of her time to speak out on behalf of students and minority communities and reach out to the broader public in the state, region, and around the country.