United Theological Seminary

Virtual Call and Response

November 1, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Come Collaborate in virtual Call and Response!

“Back Together” we
Will write lines of poetry,
Gifting words to share

Inspire, create, dare
Friends near and far, united
Makers we are all

Finding ways to call
And respond with artful song
Words, paint, dance, and yarn

Each with unique charm
We offer our visual gifts
That others are blessed.

Join us in a collaborative Call and Response art activity, facilitated by current DMin student Andrea Rosselle! Together, at our Zoom meeting, we will write lines of poetry about being “Back Together”. (If you miss the meeting you can add your line on our collaborative Google doc linked in Monday Morning). Our individual “responses”, done throughout the week and inspired by a line from the collaborative poem, will be photographs of our creative artworks. Your creative response can be movement, drawings, sculptures, or whatever your creativity sparks! Our poetry and our photographs will be shared with the United Community after Symposium week.