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Lecture: Kyle Roberts, “What’s on the Other Side?”

April 21, 2022 All day

kyle square

“What’s On the Other Side?” Death, Immortality, and Hope in Theological Reflection
Kyle Roberts, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean and Schilling Chair as Professor of Public Theology and the Church and Economic Life

Death is inevitable; that basic truth can instill fear and anxiety. This is especially true in a time of Pandemic. Theologians have often wrestled with the problem of death and have articulated visions of afterlife, immortality, and resurrection. This lecture explores a variety of perspectives on immortality and afterlife (from literal to the symbolic) in Christian theological traditions and considers the contributions of Ernest Becker to the relation between the inevitability of death, the anxiety it produces, and perspectives on immortality in religious thought. The lecture will also consider the question, “What is our hope in the face of death?”


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