United Theological Seminary

Community Chapel Gathering and Worship (9/28/17)

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2017-09-28 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Thursday 11:45-12:15

Every Thursday is our time of gathering in Bigelow Chapel for worship and events that enrich and strengthen the seminary community. Chapel gatherings are open to the public.

The chapel experience at United Theological Seminary is an expression of our diverse community. Because of this, our time together will be an ongoing dialogue between particular traditions, ecumenical endeavors, and inter-religious unity. Some services may be outside one’s practice. At those times, we invite all to engage in the ritual and choices made in constructing the gathering that stems from a deep, authentic yearning to engage with the holy and what it means to be human. The resonance and dissonance of other traditions and narratives may assist us in reflecting on our own journey of faith and understanding. At United Theological Seminary, we believe this opportunity is a rare gift that can lead us to engage one another more profoundly and discover how our paths are woven together as well.

“Our [worship is] where we dip our tired bodies in cool springs of hope, where we retain our wholeness and humanity despite the blows of death.”                                                                                 -Richard Wright Twelve Million Voices