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“In all of my classes we have a unique set of people. In my Theological Interpretations of the Arts class we had someone who is pagan, and someone who is Baha’i, and Jewish, and who has been to all kinds of different churches throughout her life––and a professor who is Eastern Orthodox! All this just in our little arts class. It’s so amazing to hear a different perspective from my own Christian perspective. In another class, Interpretation as Resistance, is someone who is 81 years old, who is learning about feminist lenses for the Bible for the first time. United is a space for people to come from all ages, all backgrounds and learn different things that empower them and excite them and make them think about things that they never thought about. It’s crazy and amazing: it’s cramazing!”


THE REV. CRAIG LEMMING, M.Div. student Theology and the Arts concentration

The Rev. Craig Lemming is a Transitional Deacon in formation for Priesthood in The Episcopal Church. Craig is thrilled to serve as Program Director for Circle of the Beloved – the Minnesota chapter of the Episcopal Service Corps – working with justice-seeking young adults living intentionally together in prayer, simplicity, and in kinship with the marginalized in North Minneapolis.


kimi graff, M.Div. student Social Transformation and Interreligious chaplaincy 

“I came to United and thought I knew where God was leading me. I thought I knew who I was. But as I move through this third year, I am reminded again that United has been the place where I found the person inside of myself who is strong and willing to speak for justice, love, and compassion. United has been the place where I learned to spread my branches. I am not the person I thought I would be, but each step away from that person is towards someone who is committed to transformation within myself and in the world around me.”

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