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The Arts at United

At United, theological education is about more than just academics. It’s about shaping a new reality–and artistic expression is one of the most powerful ways to explore what it might look like. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, you’ll benefit from the infusion of art in everything we do at United. From ever-changing art displays across campus academic concentrations in Theology and the Arts, the arts are an integral part of what makes United such a unique and vibrant place.

The Intersection: Wilson Yates Center for Theology and the Arts

As part of United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, The Intersection supports the curriculum and offers workshops, certificates, exhibitions, and community events–taking risks, nurturing creativity, and stirring the core of our spiritual lives through art.

Vibrant. The Intersection ignites imaginations, enlivens beliefs, and takes risks, stirring the core of our spiritual lives through art.

Conduit. The Intersection is a living and flowing medium, a collaborative causeway of energy: connecting, interpreting, and channeling.

Experiential. The Intersection nurtures creativity and compels a response from the creator and the witness.

United has been a leader in exploring the intersection of theology, art, and justice since its founding. Wilson Yates, president and professor emeritus of United, is an innovator and definer of the field of theology and the arts. The Intersection continues this powerful exploration.

Join us at The Intersection, where doing is a part of transforming ourselves and our world.

Kimber Olson '10

"Theological principles are the framework for my practice in and outside the studio."

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Theology and the Arts Concentrations

Join us where art, spirit, and justice intersect. Add a Theology and the Arts concentration to the D.Min., M.Div., or M.A. degrees.

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Don’t Leave Your Trumpet at the Door

At United, the arts will infuse your experience no matter what degree or concentration you choose.

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