United Theological Seminary

United Days

April 27-28, 2020

Each year, United offers a one- or two-day all-class reunion, which we call United Days. These reunions allow alumni to connect with friends, to learn, and to see firsthand what is happening at United.

Traditionally, United Days is organized around a theme. Past themes have included “Re-Imagining: Embodiment,” a celebration of the legacies of the Re-Imagining Movement and James Nelson’s Embodiment; “The Power of Story,” an exploration of how biblical and personal storytelling can enrich life and inspire collective action; and “Faithful Leadership in a Multifaith World,” an opportunity to look at what it means to live authentically as part of a faith tradition, while also remaining open to the wisdom of other traditions.

This year’s theme is “Works of Love,” as we honor Carolyn Pressler on the occasion of her retirement, and dedicate a classroom to the late Jim B. Nelson. These distinguished professors represent United’s legacy of excellent scholarship, innovative teaching, and commitment to social change. Please join us as we celebrate their contributions to the United community and the world at large.

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