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November 30
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    Giving Tuesday

    12:00 AM
    November 30, 2021

    As we approach United’s 60-year anniversary, Holy Possibilities abound for the seminary. Our mission is expanding across the globe with our growing student body — a compassionate group called to create a society of justice, love, and inclusion for all. We hope you will join us this Giving Tuesday as, together, we Craft the Future of United and our world.

    Our goal for our Annual Fund drive is to raise funds to support our growing student body and the services that guide their world-class education — books, financial aid, faculty, and more.

    Thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous alum, new or increased recurring monthly gifts will be matched with a gift of $500! Any donor who gives more than $50 per month will be added to our new Lydia Society.

    Please help spread the word with your networks and ask them to join you in supporting United students on Giving Tuesday.

    Click here to help us meet this challenge!

    Arts Lunch: Found Object Theology

    12:00 PM-1:00 PM
    November 30, 2021

    Found Object Theology: How pulp sci-fi book covers can teach us how to write about God

    Join Ben Menghini and Natalie Wigg-Stevenson as they discuss three of the pulp sci-fi alternative covers Menghini designed for Wigg-Stevenson’s recent book, Transgressive Devotion: Theology as Performance Art. In this book, Wigg-Stevenson argues that theology done as performance art stops trying to describe who God is, and starts trying to make God appear. A daring vision of theology which will energise anybody feeling ‘boxed in’ by the discipline, Transgressive Devotion blurs borders between orthodoxy, heterodoxy and heresy to reveal how the very act of doing theology makes God and humanity vulnerable to each other. Menghini’s pulp sci-fi covers offer three entry points into the enthralling and interwoven themes of Transgressive Devotion.

    Ben Menghini is a doctoral candidate in Theology at the Toronto School of Theology. He is currently writing his dissertation which interrogates the theological trope of a generous orthodoxy. This interdisciplinary work draws on sociology and cultural anthropology to describe a theological generosity with a disposition toward tragic receptivity. For a preview of his found object theological art project Theological Texts as Pulp Sci-Fi, visit @benbenghini on twitter.

    Natalie Wigg-Stevenson is Associate Professor of Contextual Education and Theology at Emmanuel College, Toronto. Her research explores how ethnographic methods can help create theological conversations across church, academy and everyday life. Her work is interested in queer temporalities/historiographies, cultural theories of practice and practices for decolonizing higher education. She is the author of Ethnographic Theology: An Inquiry Into the Production of Theological Knowledge (2013) and Transgressive Devotion: Theology as Performance Art (2021).

    See this week’s Monday Morning for the Zoom meeting link.