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Interreligious Chaplaincy Concentration

Increase your capacity to minister in our globalized and multifaith world. United’s Interreligious Chaplaincy program prepares you to serve as an effective and compassionate minister in a variety of contexts, working with persons from all faith backgrounds and walks of life.

If your heart of compassion compels you toward a life of professional chaplaincy and board certification, an Interreligious Chaplaincy concentration at United will help prepare you to deepen your compassion, understand your faith tradition, engage you in inter-religious dialogue, and support your formation into an engaged and ethical leader in a diverse world.

Available for the M.Div. degree or the D.Min. degree.

If you are interested in exploring the use of Buddhist practices in spiritual caregiving, check out our Buddhist Chaplaincy Workshops. These workshops can enhance your current practice as a spiritual caregiver or your pursuit of a degree that prepares you for chaplaincy. Alone, they do not qualify you to become a chaplain.

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