United Theological Seminary

Robert Shore-Goss

Rev. Dr. Bob Shore-Goss is a retired UCC clergy/theologian. He chairs the Green Team of the Federated Church, Marlborough, NH, which became the first UCC New Hampshire church to become a UCC Creation Justice Church after its congregational meeting in January 2020. 

Rev. Shore-Goss pastored MCC United Church of Christ, North Hollywood that was named the first Creation Justice Church of the UCC.  He received 2011 Green Oscar from California Interfaith Power and Light for Climate Advocacy.  He is the author of God is Green: An Eco-Spirituality of Incarnate Compassion (2016). His second eco-theological book, The Insurgency of the Spirit: Jesus’s Liberation Animist Liberation Spirituality, Empire, and Creating Earth Protectors during Climate Change (Summer 2020). 

Shore-Goss participates in the denominational UCC Environmental Justice Council and is participating in the New Hampshire Environmental Justice Team.  He is leading a resolution initiative on the Rights of Nature to the UCC General Synod July 2021. 

He is authored and co-edited a number of books and articles in queer theology.  See www.mischievousspiritandtheology.com