United Theological Seminary

Statement on Racial Injustice

Founded in 1962 as an ecumenical seminary by the Christian denomination of the United Church
of Christ, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities has worked for inclusion and equity
since its inception. Yet we recognize that United has benefitted from the legacy of white
supremacy in the US and the centering of the white Christian experience, resulting in great
spiritual and human cost. We confess that we have been complicit in perpetuating the dominance
of white culture and theology, and that the implications of this history have too often distorted
United’s authentic efforts to build a more just world.

As educators charged with forming faith leaders, we are called to change the narrative and work
toward an organizational culture and society in which all human beings are free from violence in
all its forms. United’s board of trustees, faculty, administration, staff, and students are committed
to challenging structures and systems that perpetuate injustice and the oppression of Black,
Indigenous, and people of color.

We will act on this commitment through the education our students receive, our advocacy on
issues of justice, and our organizational and individual efforts to dismantle white supremacy and
repair harm within United and the organizations with whom we work and serve. As a faith
community, we aim to manifest the love at the heart of our diverse traditions through our
commitment to justice within our institution and our world.