United Theological Seminary

Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention

Policy Statement on Alcohol and Other Drugs

United takes alcohol and drug abuse seriously.  As a graduate educational institution, we place a great deal of responsibility on students who are of legal age to make the decision whether or not to consume alcohol and if they choose to consume alcohol, to do so responsibly.  As part of United’s drug and alcohol education and abuse prevention efforts, we maintain relationships with a number of drug and alcohol treatment centers in the region.

To comply with federal regulations (34 CFR 86.100 (a)(1), United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities maintains the Standards of Conduct regarding the use of drugs at United or as part of an officially sponsored group of United in a setting other than United as found in the Masters Student Handbook (pp. 105-106).

Please see United’s Memorandum on Drugs and Drug Abuse.

If you are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse or addiction, we encourage you to:

1) Make an appointment to meet with our Chaplain.

To make an appointment please call Karen Hutt at 872-232-9221

2) Contact the national and/or local drug and alcohol resources listed below.

National Drug & Alcohol Treatment Hotline

Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline

Al-Anon Hotline

Hazeldon Betty Ford Foundation