United Theological Seminary

2018 Annual Report


Dear Friends,
United has been at the forefront of providing education for radical transformation since its founding, and the seminary continues to imagine the future of inclusive, prophetic ministry, chaplaincy and ethical leadership in an evolving church and world. United’s innovation has resulted in an impressive 25% growth in the number of students who have chosen to enroll at United this coming fall, even as other institutions offer more financially compelling scholarship programs.

A notable innovation for United this past year has been its relocation from New Brighton to St. Paul. The relocation has allowed us to be accessible via mass transit, to install state-of-the-art technology to support our distance education students, and to bepositioned within a broader community of arts organizations, missional non-profits, and other higher education institutions. Everyone who has visited United’s new home has reliably commented about how inviting and energizing the new space feels.

A second area of innovation for United has been the recruitment of two new faculty who will start this July:

  • Rev. Dr. Justin Sabia-Tanis joins the faculty as assistant professor for social transformation and director for the social transformation programs at United. Justin is an ordained UCC minister who has taught at Iliff School of Theology and Pacific School of Religion. He also has been managing director for LGBTQ and Gender Studies at PSR.
  • Rev. Gary Green joins the faculty as assistant professor for pastoral theology and social transformation. Gary is completing his PhD thesis at Brite Divinity School and has been a chair for the Society for Pastoral Theology and the Black Theology Section chair of the AAR Southwest Commission in Religious Studies.

These innovative scholars will continue to add teaching and discipline breadth to our excellent faculty.A third area of innovation for United has been through organizational partnerships. One such partnership is a new alliance with the Ministry Lab, an ecumenical project focused onbringing innovation to local church ministry. The Ministry Lab has co-located onto the United campus and created an opportunity for United students to get experience with church innovation projects. Similar partnerships are in discussion. The education for radical transformation that United provides depends on the financial support of our donors. Few students can afford the cost of their education without support. We are grateful for your historic support and hope that our students can count on your continued generosity!

Peace and Blessings,

Lewis P. Zeidner,
PhD President