United Theological Seminary

2018 Annual Report


This is a moment in history when the landscape of Church is experiencing profound change. Our congregations and those who serve as pastors must be equipped in new ways to meet unprecedented challenges, and the Church must imagine fresh approaches for engaging our culture and society.

Seminaries stand at the epicenter of these seismic shifts. We are tasked with preparing a next generation of leadership that remains rooted in historic traditions and practices of faith and is also poised to do a new thing in diverse settings of ministry and service. That requires adaptability and a broad capacity for innovation. The last year has shown that United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities has what it takes!

This was a year when we made some bold decisions at United. The Board of Trustees voted to sell the seminary campus in New Brighton and seek a new location that would enable us to better live into our values and purpose. This decision modeled for our students, our donors, and our broader ecumenical community an openness to radical change for the sake of accomplishing a mission that matters. We are quite literally a seminary on the move, meeting an evolving church and society with innovation and purpose.

There is still much work to be done as we strive to be a seminary that equips our students for faithful service in a time of rapid change and challenge. Thank you for supporting that deeply important work with your precious gifts.

Rev. Shari Prestemon
Chair, Board of Trustees