United Theological Seminary

2018 Annual Report

Thank you to United’s donors!

The following list reflects donations received between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. This list includes donations to Kaleo. Individuals, couples or organizations that donated solely to Kaleo are marked with an asterisk (*). Individuals, couples or organizations donating to both Kaleo and United are marked with a cross (†).

  • David S. Anderson
  • Archie D. and Bertha H.
  • Walker Foundation
  • Art & Martha Kaemmer Fund at HRK Foundation
  • Association of Theological Schools
  • † Katherine Austin Mahle and Stephen H. Mahle
  • Mary Farrell and Keith Bednarowski
  • Margaret and William Bracken
  • Priscilla W. Braun
  • Council on Religion and Law CUE Mid-American Seminaries
  • Fred C. and Katherine B.
  • Andersen Foundation
  • George D. Dayton Foundation
  • Cindi Beth Johnson and Thor Mickelson
  • Katherine B. Andersen Fund at the St. Paul Foundation
  • Local Church Ministries
  • *Kim Lund
  • Ann Manning
  • MAHADH Fund at HRK Foundation
  • McMillan Family Endowment Fund at the St. Paul Foundation
  • McVay Foundation
  • Philip C. Meili
  • Gregory Plotnikoff and Shawn Monaghan
  • Plymouth Congregational Church
  • *Lisa Renstrom and Robert Perkowitz
  • Hugh Schilling
  • Dick and Kit Schmoker
  • Frank L. Sims
  • Donald and Rosie Stoebner
  • Terhuly Foundation
  • The St. Paul Foundation
  • Lynn and Carol Truesdell
  • Albert Webb Trust
  • West Star Foundation
  • Susan M. Wilhem
  • Kerstin and Winn Wyman
  • Lew and Nicki Zeidner