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Eleazar S. Fernandez
Professor of Constructive Theology
Ordained minister in the United Church of Christ in the Philippines
Appointed 1993


B.A. Philippine Christian University
M.Div. Union Theological Seminary, Philippines
Th.M. Princeton Theological Seminary
Ph.D. Vanderbilt University

Teaching and Research

constructive theology
theological voices from the global South
theological anthropology
theology of religions
exposure-immersion trips
mission and ecumenics
globalization and its challenges to theology and ministry

Courses Offered

CS730 Global Justice Trip to the Philippines
CS731   Global Justice Trip to Palestine-Israel
CS746 Globalization on Our Doorstep
IS351   Final M.Div. Integrative Seminar (co-taught)
TR105   Constructive Theology
TR224   Paul Tillich and Contemporary Challenges (systems of theological thought course)
TR514   New Encounters: Hospitality, Security and Peace in a Mobile World
TR552   Major 20th Century Moral Thinkers: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
TR610   Theology of Religions
TR622   Seminar on Liberal Theologies
TR626   Process and Liberation Theologies in Dialogue
TR750   Global Christianities
TR722   Theological Voices from a Global Perspective
TR820   Reimagining the Church: Ecclesiology, Mission, and Ministry for Our Contemporary Time

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Visit the Registration Bulletin page for a listing of all courses offered in the current and past academic year.



New Overtures: Asian North American Theology in the 21st Century - Essays in Honor of Fumitaka Matsuoka
Sopher Press, 2012
Burning Center, Porous Borders: The Church in a Globalized World
Wipf & Stock, 2011
Reimagining the Human: Theological Anthropology in Response to Systemic Evil
St. Louis: Chalice Press, 2004
Realizing the America of Our Hearts: Theological Voices of Asian Americans
Co-edited with Fumitaka Matsuoka
St. Louis: Chalice Press, 2003
Hacia Una Theologia De La Lucha
Translated by Jesus Valiente Malla
Estella, Spain: Editorial Verbo Divino, 2002
A Dream Unfinished: Theological Reflections on America from the Margins
Co-edited with Fernando Segovia
Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2001
Toward a Theology of Struggle
Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 1994

Articles and Essays (since 2000)

“The Church as a Household of Life Abundant: Reimagining the Church in the Context of Global Economics.” Theology That Matters: Ecology, Economy, and God. Edited by Darby, Kathleen Ray. Fortress Press, 2006.

“From Babel to Pentecost: Finding a Home in the Belly of the Empire.” Semeia: The Bible in Asian America. Edited by Tat-siong, Benny Liew. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2002.

“Theology of Struggle.” Dictionary of Third World Theology. Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2000.

Regular Topics for Presentation

Upcoming Engagements

Contact Eleazar at 651.255.6131.

Significant for my personal life is my growing realization that one’s destination is already embedded in the journey, as the flower in a bud, the spring in a freezing winter, or the butterfly in a chrysalis. With this wisdom I have come to find a home in the journey. Moreover, I have learned to cherish the banal, laugh at myself when I discover my limited knowledge, and marvel at serendipitous events even as I doggedly struggle for the longed-for not-yet.

* * *

“As a constructive theologian, I consider it an important task to enable faith communities to do theology that names their pains and laments their anguish and celebrates their joys; poetically articulates their longings for a better tomorrow; orients their transforming actions to the here and now; and equips them with courage to live as if the future were present in the spirit of the One who was crucified and resurrected with the people.”

* * *

“I want to help students acquire theological skills to construct a new and better tomorrow for them to inhabit in their present journey. Moreover, I am committed to enlarging the social and moral imagination of my students so they may have the heart to welcome what has been considered impossible into the range of the possible.”

* * *

“I am passionate about retrieving dangerous memories, naming our pains in the present, and articulating our dreams of a new and better tomorrow through ecumenical ministries committed to making our hearts as large as the world at a time when many hearts are constricting and walls of fear and hostilities are rising.”

* * *

“The church’s relationship to the world was modeled by early Christian communities: being ‘in’ the world but not ‘of’ the world. The church embodies radical love: caring for those who are suffering, affirming ideas and practices that are life-giving, and uttering the prophetic ‘no’ against various idolatries, be they in the name of God, self-fulfillment, or national security.

“The seminary can be a true and relevant partner with the church if it remains rooted in the life of the church even as it helps the church expand its horizon outside its walls. In recent years I have been engaged in conversations about reimagining the church in light of the gospel and in response to the challenges of our highly globalized world. I am interested in integrating spirituality with issues related to peace and reconciliation. I am looking for ways to empower the people of God in the midst of growing cynicism and despair.”

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