United Theological Seminary


Thorsten Moritz


Professor of Hermeneutics
Director of Global Journey
Appointed 2014

M.A. London School of Theology (UK)
M.Div. (equiv) Freie Theologische Hochschule (Giessen, Germany)
Ph.D. King’s College, University of London (UK)

Teaching and Research
Jewish and early Christian scriptures
First century Judaism
Pauline Christianity
Early Christian ecclesiology
Biblical theology
German for beginners, intermediate and research scholars

Christ and Consumerism: A Critical Analysis of the Spirit of the Age

Co-edited with Craig Bartholomew

Carlisle: Paternoster, 2000

A Profound Mystery: The Use of the Old Testament in Ephesians

Supplements to Novum Testamentum Vol. 85

Leiden: Brill, 1996

(since 2000)

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