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Speaker’s Bureau

United faculty and some staff members welcome speaking, preaching and teaching engagements in your congregation.

Below is a list of possible speakers along with their areas of interest and expertise.

  • Click on a name to learn more about the speaker’s background and how to contact the speaker.
  • Faculty members are often scheduled at least six months in advance, so sufficient planning and notice is important.
  • Honoraria are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

United students are sometimes available to speak to congregations about their call, discernment journeys and seminary experiences. If you would like to have a United student speak to your congregation, contact Kathleen Remund, church relations coordinator, at 651.255.6112.

Click here for a printed copy of United's Speaker's Bureau.

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Speakers Regular Topics for Presentation
Mary Farrell Bednarowski
Professor Emerita of Religious Studies
Roman Catholic

• American Religious History
• Religious Imagination
• Women’s Religious Thought/Women’s Religious
• Spiritual Autobiography

Paul E. Capetz
Associate Dean
Professor of Historical Theology
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
• Reformation History
• Reformed Theology
Eleazar S. Fernandez
Professor of Constructive Theology
United Church of Christ in the Philippines
• The Interweaving of Theology and Social
• Spiritedly Engaged Spirituality
• The Church and Globalization
• Postcolonial Discourse and Critiques of Postmodernity
Barbara A. Holmes
President of the Seminary

• Spirituality and Science
• African Diasporan Religions
• Contemplative Practices of the Black Church
• Womanist Cosmologies

Cindi Beth Johnson
Director of the Program in Arts, Faith & Culture
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
• Religion and the Arts
• The Church and the Arts
• Arts and Theology
• Church Environment
• Evangelism and the Arts

Barbara Anne Keely
Director of Ordained Ministry Programs
Schilling Professor of Leadership and Economic Life of the Church
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

• The Spiritual Life of the Congregation
• Benedictine Spirituality for Protestants
• “Spiritual Virtues: Hospitality and Community
• “Benedictine Spirituality: An Ecumenical Approach

Martha Postlethwaite
Professor of Spiritual Formation
United Methodist Church
• Retreats
• Group spiritual direction
• Adult education
• Contemplative Practice
• Spiritual Autobiography
• “Listening for God with Pen in Hand”
• Meditation
Carolyn Pressler
Harry C. Piper Jr. Professor of Biblical Interpretation
United Church of Christ

Women and the Older Testament
Suffering, Hope and the Hebrew Bible
The Older Testament and Social Issues: War, Peace
   and the Older Testament
The Old Testament and the Poor
The Bible and Marriage Equality
Leadership and the Older Testament
Community and the Older Testament

Specific books or passages including: Ruth, the Stories
  of Promise (Genesis), Micah 6, Deuteronomy, Joshua,   Judges, Numbers

Marilyn Salmon
Professor of New Testament Theology
• New Testament Gospels
• Early Judaism
• The New Testament and Anti-Judaism
• The Historical Jesus
Christine M. Smith
Professor of Preaching
United Church of Christ
• “Risking the Terror: Resurrection Experiences in this
• “Re-Imaging Resurrection”
• “The Wonder of God’s Creation: A Call to Spiritual
• “Creating an Abundant Life: InterPlay and Imagination”
• “Living as Weeping, Confession, and Resistance”
• “Nurturing the Spiritual Life of the Preacher through
   the Arts and Imagination”
Preaching and InterPlay”
Clyde Steckel
Professor Emeritus of Theology

United Church of Christ
• Guest preaching
• Adult education presentations
• UCC History and Polity
• Religious Meaning in the Arts
• Progress versus Eschatology in Christian Theology
Sharon M. Tan
Vice President for Academic Affairs
of the Seminary
McVay Associate Professor of Christian Ethics
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)/Episcopalian
• Ethics – general
• Reconciliation and Forgiveness
• Public Life and Ethics
• Politics and Religion
• Ethics in the Workplace

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